N1022C is the last remaining American Airlines Convair 240 Flagship in the world and is the only Convair 240 in passenger configuration. Serial #147 was originally delivered to American Airlines on February 27, 1949 as the “Flagship Scranton” and later went on to hold two other flags for American, "Flagship Statue of Liberty" and the "Flagship Saranac."

She flew for American until the fall of 1959 when she was sold to Mohawk Airlines. Mohawk operated her until 1966.

After serving several operators over a number of subsequent years, Trans-Florida Airlines purchased her in December 1981 and operated her throughout the US and Caribbean hauling passengers, never freight, until 1996. She still retains her original interior of 44 passenger seats, as well as original avionics package and radar, as operated by Mohawk Airlines.

The nonprofit restoration group Prop-Liners of America bought N1022C from Trans-Florida in 1998, later selling her to the US Airline Industry Museum Foundation in Apopka, Florida, who hoped to restore her. The National Museum of Commercial Aviation became the new owners of this special Convair 240 on August 1st, 2013. She remains at Apopka airport until fundraising efforts support her dismantling and movement to Atlanta, where she will be brought back to her Mohawk splendor and displayed inside the first phase hangar of the new museum.

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