The museum’s educational mission is threefold:
1.    To address the growing demand for a qualified aviation workforce by exposing youth
to careers in aviation
2.    To spur learning in the core (STEM) fields - science, technology, engineering and math - among traditionally underserved populations
3.    To address the serious lack of cultural and educational offerings in the region

In order to achieve these goals, the museum offers an array of on-site and on-demand programming, in addition to traditional school and group tours. Educational outreach programs such as our Porsche® Cars North America Young Aviators Book Club and our soon-to-be-launched Flight Academy allow students to interact with industry professionals and learn about exciting careers in aviation.

The Young Aviators Book Club (YABC) is underwritten by a grant from Porsche® Cars North America, whose North American headquarters are being built just across the interstate from the museum. The club meets monthly, and students read and discuss books about aviation legends like Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and the Wright Brothers.  Participants are challenged with an aggressive reading schedule, and learn not only how to read better, but comprehend what they are reading and be able to intelligently discuss the content, all the while learning about the personalities that helped shape aviation.  Each semester, the club serves between 12 and 15 students, ranging from 7 to 12 years old.

Some of our more popular programs and tours:
•    Scouting Aviation Merit Badge
•    African American & Women’s History Month
•    Customized Home School Programs
•    Young Aviators Book Club
•    Mom’s Morning Out
•    Summer Camp Tours
•    Basics of Flight
•    Careers in Aviation
•    Legendary Aviators
•    Behind-the-Scenes Collection Processing
•    Museum 101

For more information, or to schedule an educational program, call the museum today at (404) 675-9266.

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