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Looking for a permanent home for your Eastern DC-3? Not sure where your prized collection of barf bags is going to go after you’re gone?

Spouse telling you she’ll leave if you bring home one more book about airplanes? Well, the National Museum of Commercial Aviation has the answer, not to worry!


Whether you’re an avid collector, or a family member who has been left with a personal collection, every one of our 500+ donors has had one thing in common. They wanted to ensure that their prize possessions didn’t end up in a garage sale, or worse yet, in the trash.

Our donation process is easy, and begins with a simple call to one of our collections specialists at (404) 675-9266. Or email us with a list and photos, if you have them. Your donations are tax deductible, and best of all they will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

While we accept many items, we are especially seeking those in the following categories:
•    Vintage airline or airport uniforms
•    Air traffic control equipment
•    Airline insignia (wings, badges, pins)
•    In-flight serving ware and catering equipment
•    Vintage airplane and airport toys
•    Travel posters
•    Artwork
•    Airplane models (plastic, wood & metal)
•    Airline corporate records
•    Vintage timetables and ticket jackets
•    Aviation books
•    Ground support and ramp equipment (GSE)
•    Simulators and training aids
•    Vintage cockpit instruments and panels
•    Airline reservations systems (AA’s Reservisor, ReserVec, SABRE, DATAS, etc)
•    Obsolete airport terminal items (ticket counters, seating, signage)
•    Vintage airplane engines and parts
•    Aircraft with US airline heritage

Donation Goal

Educational Programming

I talked to my family and they all agreed that with my dad's love for all aspects of aviation, this would be the best tribute that we could give to a man who spent his entire life in the airline He never forgot anything about flying or airplanes, even in his final days. Elmer was a good man and we were all very proud of him. I know that he is also very proud to be part of the museum.


Jeanne Collin Wise, Palatine, IL

As a retired Eastern Air Lines and American Airlines flight attendant, volunteering at the museum allows me to stay involved with the airline industry".


Carol M.

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